Welcome to the Wallops by Gill McKnight


Welcome to the Wallops - Gill McKnight

An enjoyable read that is *almost* a great one. Jane lives in Lesser Wallop and has the unfortunate luck of having her ex-girlfriend move in right next door, under the guise of doing a writeup of an upcoming festival. Jane’s job is on the line due to seemingly low interest from the locals, her deadbeat father is in town, and this is one more thing she didn’t need right now.

This is a lighthearted romp that is missing more time dedicated to the relationship between Jane and Renata. I don’t really need it to be a “this is all about romance” book, but there was kind of a quick switch from NOT love to love for me to really find believable. There were also some misused words and mistakes that could have been caught with one more swipe by a proofreader. Without the noticeable typos and with more ‘screen time’ to build Renata and Jane’s interactions, this would be a five star read.

Aside from that, good humor throughout (as I expect from any Gill McKnight) and enjoyable characters. I anxiously anticipate the sequel, because Wendy was actually my favorite character in this one, even though she was secondary. Full of loyalty, joy and interesting textures, that one.

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Welcome to the Wallops by Gill McKnight

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