What is strong?

You can look at this picture and take it any number of ways. Does it mean women want to be able to lift heavy things on our own and not need anybody to help? Maybe. Does it mean emotional strength? Financial independence? Or does it mean we should have everything: a career, family, home?

I see a lot of people in the world talking about this, and I wonder why anyone would not want a future of strong women? What exactly is there to be afraid of, for those who are afraid? I honestly think they don’t know what ‘strong woman’ means. Maybe they think a strong woman is someone that will cut their balls off and basically just be a bitch, but I think they’re using the wrong definition. Maybe in their brain they see a country full of beefed up Amazons that despise men in their future, and that’s terrifying to them. I think we need to change our default definition to something much more simple than that. Maybe a strong woman is simply someone that knows what she wants and doesn’t feel like pretending otherwise.

But do you know what? That’s something we need to start fixing within ourselves. We need to stop pretending the only acceptable paths for women are those that ‘advance the cause’. We are all allowed to want whatever we want, and we can not put our expectations onto others. Ever. When I see a woman put down another for their choices, it hurts my heart. When someone thinks another is inferior because she genuinely wants to stay home with her children, instead of trying to be a CEO, it bothers me. That doesn’t mean she can’t go out for a high-powered job, it means she doesn’t want to. Maybe she only ever wanted to finish high school and that’s ok! Maybe higher education is her equivalent to mind-numbing torture. Not because she doesn’t think she can do it, but because she would hate it. This is for big things and little things, people. If another woman has a preference (what books she likes to read or whether or not to get a PhD), it’s a good thing to remember she doesn’t need to justify that to anyone else, including you. Please let’s stop expecting her to.

So the next time you start to judge anyone for their choices, take a second and think it through. Does it matter in the slightest what someone else wants to do? Does it have any effect on your life whatsoever? I’d bet if you really think about it, it doesn’t. I think it’s a good time to learn that boundaries are a thing, and they’re really great! Because we can’t expect anyone else to take us seriously until we get our shit together, ladies.

What is strong?

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