Silver linings

Well, I stayed up to the bitter bitter end last night, knowing that the inevitable conclusion would be a government shutdown. Alas, I couldn’t stop thinking with a tiny wee kernel of hope that something magical would happen, and my friends and I would keep getting paid. But that didn’t happen, so I went to work as normal (but in my comfiest clothes) to shut the place down for the foreseeable future.

I’m angry at all the assholes on the Hill that are playing with people’s lives because they refuse to budge an inch. I’m upset that their stubbornness could make paying bills and next month’s rent questionable at best. I’m panicking about money and instability and I assume my panic will increase every day until I become a spikey ulcer ball of DOOM.

But also, while I was trying to figure out how the hell to change my voicemail message this morning (I haven’t touched it in 6 years) one of my favorite janitors came in, finishing up his duties for the day. He said “How you doin?” I replied “Oh, you know…”

Know what he said? “Well there is one good thing. We are furloughed, but we’re not laid off.” This sweet man who probably doesn’t make nearly enough money reminded me of how much worse it could be. And he’s right, dammit. Yes, it will be fucking tough this month for a shit ton of people. Particularly those government workers that are living paycheck to paycheck every month when things are good (like me! and my awesome janitor!). But it’s nice to remember that at it’s worst, (and I’m sure it will get worse) this is also temporary. So thanks, dude, for the perspective. I needed it today.

So, onto the silver linings list. Because fuck Boehner and his cronies.

  1. I get to knit as much as I want. Think of how many Xmas presents I’ll get done! Which is good, cause I won’t be able to afford anything
  2. Gaming! I can start working on that Medal of Honor game I got on the cheap, and work off some frustration!
  3. It’s October, so it’s scary movie month! I can watch all the Netflix scary movies I can stomach!
  4. I can catch up on my reading that I’ve been needing to.
  5. I can exercise whenever the hell I want instead of after work, forcing me to have dinner much later than I would like to.
  6. I can prepare for my next Cocktail Hour Flicks podcast, which I normally have to take care of at the very last minute.
  7. I get to receive unlimited comfort snuggles from my favorite fuzzy creatures.
  8. I can write more Dear Bitch columns that I’ve been meaning to.
  9. And last, but not least, I still have my job, I still have my job, I still have my job (repeat as necessary)
Silver linings

8 thoughts on “Silver linings

  1. Lori Janos says:

    Great blog, girl. It’s tough to see the silver linings, ask me I know. If I had not lost my job in 2009, I would not have had the physical before my insurance ended, that showed that I had cancer. It was detected very early. I was so devastated about that job loss and how I was going to survive, I could not see the silver lining for a long time afterward. Your janitor friend was right on!

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