Running and fun things

I am still not failing at running, and I am actually enjoying it! A bit of a hiccup a couple days ago. It was as unpleasant as Satan’s ballsack outside and I felt like I was gonna vomit up the too-big lunch I consumed. Ended up walking almost half of the time. It was a bit of a downer, since I felt like I lost some progress. But then I ran on the treadmill and ran another 5k today and kicked it’s ass! Here’s hoping I don’t die next month in my Dirty Girl mud run. It is outside…

But I will have some new (and old) friends with me, so together we will dominate it! But overall, I have been losing some inches, bitches! I spent last week at the GCLS conference in Dallas, so I was worried it had knocked me off track from my fitness goals, but I actually got up early to work out while I was there, so the bbq didn’t defeat me! I win, Texas!

Oh yeah, the GCLS conference. If you want to hear about some of the shenanigans (and see me rap to Baby Got Back) go over to Cocktail Hour. I actually lost my voice from talking and laughing so much. Which, as many of you already know, I am already a chatty Cathy. And for me to talk so much that I strained my throat, that is some pretty impressive shit. I got to hang out with most of my Cocktail Hour family, who I have come to love dearly. Including meeting Cheri the Rev for the first time. It felt as if we had just seen each other and it was no big deal, which says a lot about how much I already like her. And her wife is awesome.

I also got to hang out with Bev Prescott, who I wish I could carry around with me and take her out when I’m sad. She’s delightful. Although, I might be a bad influence on her language. Sorry about that, Bev’s wife…

Another delightful human that I finally met is Georgia Beers, award winning novelist and kick-ass keynote speaker! Sorry, Georgia, but you are required to be my friend. There’s just no getting out of it, so don’t even try. Her wife is also deliciously snarky, my favorite kind of human! There’s just too many people to list that I loved hanging out with, so if I laughed with you, you’re one of them. Can’t wait to go next year and super glad I’m gonna be able to bring the wife.

Until then, bitches, I will continue working out and losing inches, so I’ll be prepped and ready for next year’s dancefest! And plotting my karaoke choices, of course…and knitting projects…

Running and fun things

5 thoughts on “Running and fun things

  1. bevprescott says:

    You’re going to kick the Dirty Girl mud run’s ass. I really enjoyed meeting you in person and hope that we will be friends for a long time to come. You’re awesome. Keep running!

  2. Don’t get stressed about walking the other day. This weather sucks and teh fact that you are sticking t out is just fantastic. I’ll need you to report back re: the mud run… I’m starting to think it might be a fun experience, but I’m a little afraid

    1. You could totally do it, Carol. I was wanting to do some type of mud run, but the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder were intimidating, lots of pics of brawny dudes and fire and shit. Since this one is all girls and relaxed, I think it’s a good one to start with. Check it out! They’re all over the country!

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