McD’s and car hysterics

Well, I have now finished the couch-2-5k program. Never ever thought in my life that I’d be able to do that. In my life. Running, on purpose, with no one chasing me. And now I do it! I’ve been eating healthy, lots of veggies, and exercising at least some almost every day. I am now just an overweight lady, instead of an obese lady.

I missed my athletic self. I used to bike everywhere, had tons of energy, hiked a lot, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that. But I’m back, baby! I even talked to my buddy Bev over at Cocktail Hour on her Barbell show a little bit about the changes I’ve made, while discussing two excellent health documentaries. Check it out here!

I’ve been doing super well! Of course, I slipped off the wagon today by getting a quarter pounder with cheese meal on the way home from the climbing gym. There was no force large enough to prevent me from eating it.  I had it, and it was greasy and good. One slip! I promise!

My little icing on the fat cake happened once we got back on the highway to head home. Suddenly, a screech comes forth from the passenger seat. A panicked hawk-like hysteria flew out of my wife’s mouth, once she found a bug (she claims a spider, it was a bug) was crawling on her chest. Arms flailed while noises I didn’t know could come from a human filled our little space.

I did pause in my uncontrollable laughter long enough to tell her to smack it, then it’ll be fine! She did! And it wasn’t. By this point, I am attempting to not drive off the road in weekend traffic, while crying and beginning to lose control of my appendages. She squeezes the hell out of the t-shirt (carefully avoiding any contact with the creature) and has decided that either it was biting her through her shirt, or she was pinching incredibly hard. I believe it may have been the latter…

Luckily, a rest stop came upon the horizon. I pulled over, laughing and crying still, with Kate continuing to freak out. Once we parked, I had to spend a good 5 minutes trying to stop laughing, because I could literally not force my hands to do what I wanted them to. They were crippled by my overwhelming hilarity. Now, before you think that I am just a complete douchebag that has no sympathy for the love of her life, she was laughing too! Hers was just touched by terror.

Eventually, I took care of the situation, then we continued on our way. Kate was able to recover enough to call her dad, who was deafer than normal, and she was screaming the story into the phone so he could hear it.

So, that was our Sunday.

McD’s and car hysterics

6 thoughts on “McD’s and car hysterics

  1. bevprescott says:

    Once in a blue moon a girl’s just gotta have a burger. Nothing wrong with that. Glad to hear that Kate has recovered. I’d be screaming right along with her. Snakes, no problem. Spiders, huge problem. Have a great week!

    1. We wanted it, Precious. Meats and CHEESE.

      Yeah if we even make a face that could suggest there were some form of crawling creature on her, the screaming commences!

      If you need spiders killed in Dallas, I’m your girl, Bev! I’m a professional.

  2. Beverly Little says:

    My wonderful daughter-in-law would have a heart attack in the Pocono’s, the locust have arrived! If one landed on her, she would be in intensive care!

  3. OMG I’m sorry I didn’t read this earlier… I’m also happy I pee’d ahead of time or I might have wet my pants laughing as hard as I was. You story made me feel so much better about my own irrational responses to spiders in the car or anywhere near me

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