Break night

I decided to not exercise tonight. The dog snuck some of her brother’s food, causing her to be sick throughout the night. I didn’t tell you about that, did I, Internet? Well, my one dog is allergic to corn. My other adorable fuzzy creature became allergic to wheat after feeding them lamb and rice for a few years. Then she became sensitive to either herring or sweet potato (never figured that one out), so we switched to chicken and rice. And now she is sensitive to chicken. CHICKEN. So we have now switched her to bison. They make bison food. Because any other protein I see, she may already be sensitive to. So now we have to switch proteins on the regular so she doesn’t get sick every two hours at night.

Fuckin dogs. It’s a good thing she’s adorable. So instead, I am tiredly knitting my mom’s scarf that I was planning on making her for Christmas. Last Christmas, y’all…

Do me a favor, internet, and smack me right in my face next time I say I want to make something with fancy thin thread-like yarn. Cause fuck that noise. At least it should turn out pretty. It better! Or I will not be responsible for my actions!

Anywho, I get to go on a form of vacation in three weeks. I’m heading to Dallas to meet a bunch of humans from the internets, where we’re gonna talk about lesbian books and drink alcohols. Here’s hoping none of them are scary psycho hosebeasts!

Break night

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