At least I’ll be able to jog from the cicada horde

I’ve been battling allergies. It seems that once I turned 30, I got that one last bit of pollen that made my body say “Alright, that’s it, everybody out! You don’t have to go home, but you gotta get the hell outta my sinuses!” My eyes don’t bother me too much, I just get drippy with godawful sinus pressure/pain. Which just makes me (and probably people that are tired of my bitching) miserable. This year has shaped up to be quite the doozy. DC is on the war path, so when the cicada hordes come, I’ll be weakened and ill-equipped, and likely buried under the plague of them.

On the plus side, I’m still exercising! Last night (for some reason my allergies are much better by late afternoon) I started week 5 of my couch to 5k program, and afterwards I thought “I think I want to do some weights now.” Like, I wanted to do some weights. When I got home from the apartment’s gym, I then wanted to do some planks (not that weird stupid Facebook planking thing, the kind that teaches me how much of a core I do not have). I still haven’t dropped below the “hey, you’re fat!” line, but I am not yet failing, so that’s good.

Keep you fingers crossed, internet, that I don’t die by sinus or cicada burial when I attempt to run a 5k outside in week 9…

At least I’ll be able to jog from the cicada horde

8 thoughts on “At least I’ll be able to jog from the cicada horde

  1. If you do get buried by the cicadas, please take pictures and make sure you have the “auto upload” feature turned on for G+. That would make some awesome photos.

    Also, you’re rocking C25K!

    1. I promise to go down recording.

      Also? My first thought when Kate said “I got us tickets to 3d star trek tomorrow night!” was “hrrm when will I run…”

      That is Abby Normal.

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