PPE for boobs and bugs required

I felt better this morning about not running last night when the soreness from Sunday’s run let itself be known in my leg parts. There’s likely a scientific explanation for the gestational period required for pain, but I don’t know it. I don’t do that kind of science. Will I let it keep me from running tonight? Nay! I will begin my couch 2 5K thingy tonight. Downloaded the app, ready to go. Have no clue where I will plant my phone on my jiggling body, though. Between the biggest folds I can find? Which reminds me, I am in serious need of a new sports bra for my girls.

But I must must must get going, because soon…THE CICADAS ARE COMING!!!!! I have never lived in the Northeast during a cicada year. However, I was in Texas during one, and it was AWFUL. Fascinating? Yes. Disgusting? Oh yes, most definitely.

Try running from me, I AM LEGION!!!

From what I can recall, they were everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. You could hear them crunching under your car as you drove, and couldn’t put your windows down in food or bank drive throughs, lest they come right into your car. As someone that walks outdoors for a goodlychunk of my morning commute…

Do Not Like

I fully recognize that it is an amazing phenomenon and it’s super cool sciency shit that they sprout forth from their hidey holes every 17 years. However, I must ask…

Anybody here have firsthand knowledge on this shit in the Northeast? Are the wife and I going to be cowering in our apartment and only leave under the protection of full-body CDC personal protective equipment?


PPE for boobs and bugs required

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