A well-timed bitch slap

I listened to a podcast this morning and it gave me a good dose of bitch slap that is motivating me to get off my ass and get healthier. I’m not getting any younger (33 this year) and there is nobody that’s gonna come up and be my personal trainer/personal chef and decide what I eat, when I eat, and how and when I exercise. I’m not a celebrity or rich chick that can afford one of those (although that would be the shit, I’m awfully good with rules and guidelines). So I’m gonna post this awful picture of me to motivate myself.

Fuck that noise

This was a few years ago when I was at my absolute heaviest. I’ve joined a rock climbing gym since then and have been much more careful about what I put in my mouth (except for when my amazing foreign friends send me delicious chocolates and crisps…). I have lost weight since then and (more importantly) gotten stronger and slimmer. But I have a looooong way to go. It’s time for a lifestyle change, dammit!

I want to be strong. I want to have energy. I miss riding my bike. When I’m addicted to bike riding (which hasn’t been for a while…) I feel incomplete and twitchy when I don’t get a ride in. I need that again. But you know what? If I keep saying “I want to do that” I’m never gonna do a damn thing. So I am going out this weekend to get a damn journal. And I’m gonna write down every damn thing we want to accomplish and how to get there. I’m gonna make a schedule, that I’m gonna STICK TO. And I’m gonna be healthy. And eventually, I’m gonna look good too, so that’ll be nice ;). I’m not looking for a magic weight number, either. I find that a magic number of pounds doesn’t exist. So I’m ignoring that all together. I’m just going for a smaller pants size.

And if I write it on the internets, I have to do it. I’ll feel like YOU’RE ALL WATCHING ME EAT THAT REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUP.

A well-timed bitch slap

16 thoughts on “A well-timed bitch slap

  1. Mmmm, peanut butter cups.

    Seriously though, I listened this morning and am feeling good. I’m also tired of not getting past the “I want to” stage into the “I’m going to” stage.

    1. Fuck yeah I can! You can help! Next time we go to QH you are required to punch me in the kidneys if I try to order the burger. The tasty delicious juicy…NO! KIDNEY PUNCH!

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