Wednesdays suck again

Well, American Horror Story is over. Which means Wednesday goes from being “Oh holy sweet baby Jesus it’s fucking Wednesday” to being “Wednesday-which has no redeeming qualities aside from it not being Monday.” No more possessed nuns, Nazi doctor medical experiments, serial killer Santas, aliens, or Bloodyface.

Next Wednesday’s forecast reads: Partly sunny, 30% chance of snow flurries, 0% chance of maiming. And I love me some maiming.

On the plus side, I woke up to a pretty snowy wonderland this morning. That made up for the loss of maiming. Which served to remind me that metropolitan area must shop for their tile and brick at the same Walmart-type construction store that they buy their shitty steel products. Someone must have gone shopping and said “I bet those tiles will look pretty and reflect the moon in glowing splendor on it’s shiny surface.” What they should have thought was “I bet we could average 10 broken old lady hips a season with those!”

Give us your weak and your feeble…
Wednesdays suck again

4 thoughts on “Wednesdays suck again

  1. Alena says:

    Old ladies should stay home in this weather. And you should stop complaining and enjoy the possibility to ice-skates on these beautiful brownish-like-diarrhea-looking tiles!

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