You could say I was right…

I mean if you wanted to. Cause if I do remember correctly, I thought Beasts of the Southern Wild was a damn fine film worthy of lots of loud, slow claps. You can see proof here.

Well now it’s up for Best Picture, Best Actress (for that freakishly amazing little girl-well deserved, tiny person), Directing, and Writing. So if you haven’t seen it yet, DO SO. Cause it really is good. And a bunch of other people think so too!

Now I must do a bit of a round up so I can watch all the contenders.


I will make your soul bleed. I am that good at my job.

She was hands down the best part of Les Miserables. Which is impressive, because all of that movie was shockingly well done.

And a good call on making the Best Picture category big enough to allow for all the great movies that came out this year (and such tasty variety!). I don’t remember if that happened last year too. To be fair, I am blissfully unobservant in most things.


You could say I was right…

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