The Knittin’ Itchies

There was quite a long period where I wasn’t knitting anything at all that lasted for most of last year. I was very ‘meh’ about creative stuff, and was more obsessively addicted to Lord of the Rings Online and reading. Since I was knitting like crazy for the holiday season, I kind of got burnt out on it for…oh…a week or two. Coincidentally, while I was a snot-filled, phlegmy mess.

Take those sticks and yarn and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS

But recently (well, within the last 5 days) I could start feeling my addictive personality grasping with it’s little tentacles. When this happens, I start having a hard time falling asleep, because I must figure out how to increase in a double knit stitch!!! And my first thought in the morning isn’t “must go to bathroom and walk dogs,” but instead is “If I cast on 80 stitches with number 8’s, where should I add on the ear flaps?” My wife will ask me a simple question, such as “What do you want for dinner?” And I will look at her with my jaw slightly agape, mind completely on when my next yarn stash is coming in the mail.

It is a sickness. But I think that’s ok. I’m not scrounging the streets for heroine, I’m scrounging my craft cartons for superwash wool. And I make shit for people. That can’t be bad, right? RIGHT?!? It makes me feel better knowing that other knitters are just as addicted as I am. Well, I’m pretty sure they are. Aren’t you? Hello?!?!?

This bitch knows what I’m talking about…
The Knittin’ Itchies

2 thoughts on “The Knittin’ Itchies

  1. As one of the beneficiaries of your addition, I think you avoid any 12 step programs. At least until that hat with the flaps is done.

    Also, I strongly recommend you get those tattoos.

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