600 Monsters Strong

So, I was JUST about done knitting all the Christmas presents for the nieces and nephews. Then a friend of mine posted THIS on Facebook. It’s a knitting/crocheting project that will be making stuffed huggable monsters for the kids at  Sandy Hook Elementary. Yes, my back is incredibly sore and my hands are cramping from knitting more the past two months than I ever have in my life.

But it’s fucking adorable monsters for the CHILDRENS. To protect them from horrible assholes and give them something to cuddle when they’re sad. HOW COULD I NOT WANT TO DO THAT. ALL CAPS.

I’m a gaddamn adorable monster for you! (note I didn’t make that one)

Now, who wants to buy me a massage for my aching back once this is all over???

600 Monsters Strong

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