Calling All Nerds

My lovely woman wife took me to something magical this past Saturday. I went to the Lord of the Rings marathon at our local theater with all the nerds! It was fantastic. And it wasn’t even the piddly theatrical versions of the films. It was the extended editions! All in a row! Ok well, we only made it through two. Then we went home to watch the third (non-theatrical) Return of the King with our brother. No, I don’t feel like I failed, thank you very much. The third isn’t my favorite. It’s great, I fully admit, but the first and second are absolutely divinely splendid.

It’s just that the third one’s extended edition is just shy of FIVE HOURS LONG. And the shit that got added isn’t even that great. It breaks up the flow of the film something fierce and I completely understand why Peter Jackson didn’t include that crap in the original version.

Cut the crap out, my love. We’re exhausted.

And another thing. There were only two capes! TWO! C’mon LARPers, I know the theater was full of you. Wear your geekdom with pride! When else do you get to wear your capes in public? Although I did get to see an RPG shirt that suggested if you don’t roll dice, you’re a little bitch, so that was nice.

I do very enjoy watching people judge others for being in the wrong kind of alternative sub-culture. It’s like when I hear cyclists judge other cyclists for the kind of bike they ride, or how they choose to ride.

Real cyclists ride in the specific way I’ve decided is correct.”

“Hey, you there! Everyone knows that’s not how you are supposed to enjoy that game. You’re supposed to enjoy it like me.”

If you go to any bike and/or gaming forum, you’ll see that shit a lot. Although I’m betting if you go to any online forum for any hobby whatsoever, you’ll see the exact same arguments. Don’t be a bunch of little bitches. I say, if someone is getting some form of enjoyment out of something, then let them eat cake! Err, whatever analogy works. I need more coffee.

Calling All Nerds

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