Green is the New Blue

For as long as I can remember, blue has been my favorite color. All shades, doesn’t matter. And if you asked me I wouldn’t even have to take a second to answer-blue! So imagine my surprise when someone at work innocently remarked upon how I must love the color green. Green?!?!? Don’t be preposterous. My favorite color is BLUE. Blue, I say!

It was then that I looked down to see my bright green sneakers, lime green shirt, coat, over-the-ear headphones and military green bag. What the fuck, personal preferences? Has every corporation conspired to make delightful green things that I can’t resist purchasing? Or has my taste, in fact, CHANGED?!?!? It’s as if I don’t know myself at all!

This reminds me of when I figured out that I may, in fact, be a lesbian. It was more of a “well gosh, I guess I never thought of looking there.” Am I that blissfully unaware of my own interests? Apparently, as most of my family’s reaction was varying degrees of “well, no shit.”

Which ALSO reminds me. I’m recording another movie podcast with a good friend of mine. I had tossed around the idea a while ago about picking movies from the AFI’s 100 greatest films list, but my friend said “why don’t we do one on the greatest movies we’ve never seen?” What a grand idea! Then I started looking at the list and I am woefully unimpressed with myself.

I adore movies, and will watch just about anything you put in front of me, and enjoy something about it, if not the whole thing. I’m terribly easy to please that way. So, being a self-proclaimed movie buff, I was shocked, SHOCKED at the number of incredibly famous movies that I haven’t seen.

I have never seen Citizen Kane. The one movie with the most famously spoiled spoiler of all time. Nope, never. Never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey. And I love SciFi. Dr. Stranglove-one of the greatest black comedies ever made? Nope. I’ve never read or seen To Kill a Mockingbird. And I love reading too!

It’s shockingly embarrassing. Now I feel as though I must second-guess everything about myself. Is Nikki even my real name?!?!?

Green is the New Blue

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