Adamantium Allergies

So, I’m new to this whole ‘seasonal allergies’ bullshit. Are they supposed to last through three seasons? Something about the term ‘seasonal allergies’ suggests to me that they are, in fact, seasonal. But maybe that’s just me. Maybe DC has some weird mutant plants that produce pollen in hot, wet, cold and dry weather. Which is pretty miraculous. It’s as if the pollen has adamantium parts that love my sinuses.

I is Wolverine. I live in ur sinus and make you good face pain!

Hugh Jackman, I think I speak for the all of my face when I say “please stop taking advantage of my ocular cavities. No means no!”

Which actually reminds me of my favorite Phil Hartman scene in the history of all the land!!!

“My name is John Johnson, but everybody here calls me Vicky…”

Adamantium Allergies

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