Commuting is magic!

Ok sometimes it’s horrible. Like last night, when I got to enjoy 2 separate groups of loud obnoxious teenagers talking about ‘bitches’ for 45 minutes, and farting. Yes, farting. In the seat in front of me. They thought it was HILARIOUS. Now it would be hilarious, if it was a loud, not smelly one. But it was the complete opposite. This did not help my sinus headache.

But then this morning, I got to see my favorite mullet in all the land. Which I haven’t seen in quite a while, as I’ve actually been waking up on time lately. What a concept! But I took my sweet-ass time this morning and he was RIGHT THERE. I don’t want to publicly shame him, so I won’t post the picture of him a  friend of mine captured for posterity’s sake. But here, enjoy a dramatic reenactment!

What it looks like when the wind ISN’T blowing

So yeah, that happened. Made my Friday. Then I got to my stop and walked into a natural gas leak. Welcome back, headache! I miss you when you’re gone…

Commuting is magic!

3 thoughts on “Commuting is magic!

  1. Alena says:

    You got it all wrong. YOU have to be the one producing smells. At least you’re only inhaling your magic air and the seats next to you will be empty. THAT’S magic.

  2. Alena says:

    What? My comment is awaiting moderation? WTF! My comments don’t need moderation. What happened to free speech? Do I honestly have to go back to YouTube to insult other people? Lame Nikki, lame.

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