I made a new movie podcast on Cocktail Hour, and I think I might be getting the hang of speaking into the ether of interwebland. We did a Halloween special talking about movies that made us (metaphorically) crap our pants the first time we saw it, but that still creep us out when we watch them today. My choice? Blair Witch Project.

Aren’t you terrified???

Now I don’t understand you people that didn’t think this movie was scary at all. Do you need to have dismemberment to be scared of something? I don’t get it. I find that my mind is the most terrifying place in all the land when there is nothing that you actually see in a movie. It’s not even that I imagine monsters or serial killers or clowns during it. It’s as if my brain just says THERE COULD BE ANYTHING THERE!!! without being whatsoever specific.

I start thinking “oh shit, something really horrible is going to happen to these people.” And when actors really look like they are pissing their pants and run away screaming exactly like I would if I were in the same situation, and the look on their faces are not faked, it freaks me out. So much more than any amount of blood or gore or creepy buildings can do. Well, aside from old abandoned asylums and hospitals. Those are terrifying.

Above all, when things look real, they get to me. And I can not shake them. My brother-in-law showed me a movie called Martyrs a few months ago and I almost had to put the television in the freezer.

I will never ever ever finish watching this movie

It was so realistic, and the things that people do to each other in that movie are so disturbing, that when it got to be too much (only halfway through) I started hysterically bawling. If you’re into that kind of thing, watch it. If you’re anything like me, run as far away as you can from this movie. I had the same reaction to Blindness. If you’ve seen it, you know exactly what part I’m talking about. When humanity breaks down and shit gets real, I LOSE MY SHIT!

I hope you all got what you wanted out of Halloween. Whether it be a good slasher, a creepy ghost story, or a psychological mindfuck.


8 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. I loved Blair Witch. I saw it much later than most people and I saw it at home. By the time they were in the woods and shit started happening, I had inched my way completely behind TJ (we were laying in bed – in the DARK) and was super freaked. TJ also loves to poke or grab at me while watching scary movies so I go into it knowing I’m going to jump several times.

    I was so into BW that I spent hours online trying to find out if there was any part of it that was based on an actual myth or place or thing. I even got a few packs of trading cards.

    Like you, if the actors look like they’re reacting in the way I would react – shaking and crying with snot running down my face in terror – it’s so much more scary.

      1. Ok I will attempt to describe it without putting myself into a coma of fear. This girl escapes being tortured (like seriously, seriously tortured) and grows up to get vengeance on the people that were responsible. She finds them and kills them. BUT, there’s more. Girl #2 who she’s with (who’s kind of in love with her in an ‘I can fix her’ kinda way) ends up finding a woman that’s been tortured for likely YEARS. Like, screw metal onto her FACE tortured, and she barely has any skin left. That kind of tortured. I stopped it after that, because Girl #2 was about to get tortured. When I realized I was going to be watching it, I started bawling uncontrollably.

      1. No, I don’t think I can make that guarantee. I’ll have to watch them again to let you know. There’s blood and stuff but I don’t recall any raping of innocents or torturing. If I remember correctly, I would say that there’s nothing more disturbing, visually, than Kill Bill.

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