American Horror Story: Asylum premiere!


 That image is terrifying, no? Well it should be. Because it is for the most terrifying show on cable! I absolutely adore the fact that television is heading into a new anti-reality show age of amazing shows. I feel as though HBO started it off by spending a lot of money to get good actors, writers, directors, etc. to make shows that are an absolute pleasure to watch. In the past few years, cable television has really started kicking up their standards, getting Oscar-caliber actors from moviedom to star in shows that they care enough about to hire the best they absolutely can, from top to bottom (e.g., Damages, Madmen, etc.). American Horror Story is one of those shows.

I didn’t start watching AHS until after last season was already complete (I finally got cable after years without it). But from the first episode, I was hooked. Such an original idea, having a full season be one long movie, with really quite terrifying scenarios that made it difficult for me to go to sleep after watching. To be honest, I found the first half of last season to be much scarier than the second half, since you found out who ‘the rubber man’ was, and stopped seeing the terrifying Infantada baby in the basement.

*Spoilers ahead! Be ye warned!*

So, I was extremely excited to see what they had up their sleeves for this season, and could not have been more enthralled by the amazing teasers they had in store for the build up to the premier. And what a premier it was! We enter into 1964, where Jessica Lange heads up a sanitarium for the criminally insane, which had more than 46,000 deaths in its heyday. Which happens to house a doctor who loves experimenting on the patients in super creepy ways without anesthesia. This would be number one on my “what freaks me out the most” list. At the same time, it jumps ahead in time to see Adam Levine and his new bride having creepy coitus on rusty tables in the most haunted places in America on their honeymoon. Doesn’t that sound romantic????

They brought back all my favorite actors from last season to star in this one (Thank you for that, by the way). Including Sarah Paulson, who’s closeted girlfriend gets convinced to send her away into the asylum to save her own job. Bitch.

Lily Rabe (creepy Infantada’s mother) is back again, this time serving as Jessica Lange’s bitch. This woman is an amazing actress and I so wanted her part to be bigger in the first season, so I am thrilled she gets a big part this go ’round.

There’s a lot going on, even in this first episode, that makes you wonder how many different kinds of supernatural craziness will show up this season. Ghosts? Creepy cannibalistic medical experiments gone wrong? Aliens?!?

I’m already wishing it was next Wednesday, even knowing the writers will likely take their sweet-ass time pulling everything together just like last year. But that’s ok, because I will love getting strung along just as much as I did last time.

American Horror Story: Asylum premiere!

2 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Asylum premiere!

  1. I agree with nearly everything you said. The season opener was fantastic! And I, too, love that Rabe (even though you had to tell me who she was because I couldn’t place her) is getting a nice big role in this – and that she bared her ass for a spanking.

    I don’t find it nearly as scary as you do but I’ve come to learn that you’re sort of a pussy so there’s that.

    Thanks for the great write up and letting me relive bits of the show. And Clea Duvall’s character needs to be bitch slapped by everyone. Twice. Bitch.

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