Beasts of the Southern Wild

This movie is ridiculously good. For serious. I doubt you’ll find it in a big fancy shmancy movie theater, but it’s worth the trip to an Indy/AFI theater. It’s told through the viewpoint of a wee girl by the name of Hushpuppy, living in the slums of the U.S. with her dreadfully uncommunicative father.

This movie is kind of magical, in that everything that Hushpuppy experiences goes through her filter. Her narration is pure and innocent, and she explains the world around her in a beautiful way, and I wish more people saw things as she does. We’d probably be a lot better adjusted as humans.

Examples:  “Everybody loses the thing that made them. The brave men stay and watch it happen. They don’t run. ” Such a beautiful way to look at life and death. She sees everything in nature and recognizes that humans are just another animal, and everything dies eventually, and yes it’s sad. But it’s also something that helps form everything that comes after it. I wish I could deal with shit that well.

Also, knowing that “sometimes you can break something so bad, that it can’t get put back together.” Such a simple concept, and one that we should really remember for all aspects of our lives. Life and death, cause and effect, everything being connected in kind of magical ways.

When we grow up we forget to think about these things. We start seeing ourselves as separate entities, thereby not effecting anyone else in everyday life. But if you really think about it, every single day something you do effects someone or something else. Friends, enemies, people you pass by on the street or on the train on the way to work. The grass that you walk through barefoot, or the trash that you throw out. Everything and everyone is a tiny piece of such a huge puzzle. This movie reminds us that we need to think about that. Every day.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

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